About Us

About Us

Fentons of Kent is a small friendly business based just outside Sevenoaks in Kent. The business specialises in creating completely natural handmade soaps, bath, body products, and Home Fragrance products (Reed Diffusers and Room/Linen Sprays). Each product is hand wrapped and, are beautiful to look at.

In mid 2007, the first idea was to produce  Completely Natural Soaps. It took over a year to perfect the formula for a soap that was not only mild, creamy and produced enough bubbles but was also good to look at and smelled great.


During this time the passion and interest for Natual Soaps grew as research showed all the 'nasties' that go into alot of commercial soap!!! It was decided that not only our soaps should be natural, but all the products that we sell should be natural. We also endeavoured to minimise our packaging and make sure that it could be recycled.


Trading began in July 2008, and we soon had other businesses taking our soaps and selling them very successfully in their shops. We also started to sell online through our web site and Amazon, we soon had repeat orders!


Our products range then grew and we now produce Whipped Shea Butter (body moisturiser) and Bath Melts (similar to bath bombs - without the oils slick!). These products complement the soaps and are selling really well. We have also introduced a range of Home Fragrance products, Reed Diffusers and Room/Linen Sprays. The Reed Diffusers are available in complete sets or just as refills. They are available in 10 different fragrances. The Room/Linen Sprays are very concentrated and are available in 5 different fragrances.


We know that our products are good and we hope that you agree!


Thank you for visiting Fentons of Kent. If you have any questions, queries or comments then we would love to hear from you.