Making Soap

Making Soap

How to Make Soap?

I have been asked on may occassions how to make soap. Well, there are various ways of making soap , there is 'Cold Process', 'Hot Process', 'Hand Milled' and 'Melt & Pour'.

If you wish to make soap from raw ingredients then you should opt for 'Hot Process or 'Cold Process'. 

The 'Melt & Pour' method is by far the easiest and quickest way to make your own soap. The process is very simple, you buy a soap base, melt it and then add your required essential oil(s) or fragrance oils, colours and decoration if required. Then, you simply pour it into a mould, hence the name Melt & Pour.

For my soaps I use the traditional method of soap making which is 'Cold Process'. I use this process as I wanted to make all my soaps from raw ingredients so that I could control exactly what goes into them.

Cold Process Soap Making

This is the traditional way of making soap. This process of making soap uses a combination of fats and/or oils with an alkaline solution. This sets off the chemical recation which heats the mixture and turns it into soap. The natural by-product from this is glycerin which we retain in our soaps.

Please note that this process takes 4 weeks until you can use your soaps.

Click on the Cold Process Soap Making recipes link below.