Gorgeous Room Sprays

Gorgeous Room Sprays

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Room Sprays for your Home. 125ml

Sweet Orange & Cinnamon - contains Sweet Orange and cinnamon essential oils to make this an all year favorite not just for Christmas!

Lavender - contains Lavender essential great for all around the house. Gives a gorgeous smell of lavender which is known for it's relaxation properties.

Basil, Sage & Mint - an exciting fresh blend. Described as 'a fragrance you don't get tired of'. Beautiful and fresh. Ideal for any room.

Sandalwood - an exotic but delicate fragrance. Suitable for any room.

Lemongrass - a fresh, clean fragrance ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, in fact any room!

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Sweet Orange and Cinnamon
Fragrance: Sweet Orange and Cinnamon
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Fragrance: Lavender
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Fragrance: Sandalwood
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Fragrance: Lemongrass
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